Ozg Membership for Business

To become a member of Ozg as a Business / Org / Institution and access FREE advisory*, please fill up following form.



How to Get confirmation of Application for Membership of Ozg along with Advisory Services?

Once, you submit this form thereafter you will shortly get call or email from Ozg Communication Officer and you will also get the confirmation message on your phone.




1. Order –

1.1: Ozg collects order exclusively from a sole or authorized representative of a registered and existing Business / Organization / Institution for any of its offered services.

1.2: Any of order made by an individual or unauthorized person or fake representative will not be accepted.

1.3: In case, any order made by an individual or unauthorized person or fake representative has been accepted by mistake of Ozgian(s) then, it will be cancelled at any point of time without providing any reason.

1.4: An order can be simply placed on phone or in-person appointment either at any of Ozg Center / Public Business Place or at website of Ozg.


2. Go Green Campaign –

Any of services offered by Ozg in any part of the world, directly or indirectly or in-partnership with any of company / organization / institution either as first party / second party / third party and so forth does not harm any animals or does not promote animal eating or animal killing etc.


3. Payment –

3.1: Payment is due upon submission of the order and, unless otherwise indicated on the Order Form, 50 percent of total fee must be paid before services will be provided.

3.2: An order can be booked by simply paying 35 percent of total fee for the 3 months only. If remaining payment has not been paid by 3 months, thereafter new fee (if revised) will be applicable on a booked order.

3.2: It is advisable to make payment to Ozg by any recordable medium by using the bank account / debit card / credit card / cheque etc of your company / organization / institution except cash deposit in to bank account or at any of offices of Ozg.

3.3: To get invoice, it is required to pay full fee along with service tax at current rate in respective country.


4. Order Cancellation –

4.1: To get 100 percent refund, you can make order cancellation request with in thirty (30) days from actual date of order.

4.2: The order cancellation request made after thirty (30) days from the actual date of order will attract pro-rata fee and it will be applicable on the services rendered.

4.3: It is compulsory to provide genuine reason for order cancellation.


5. Refund –

5.1: To make a refund request, it’s compulsory to provide Invoice Code. Without invoice code refund request will not be accepted.

5.2: Payments made by cash deposit in to Ozg bank a/c are not entitled to get refund and it will not be mentioned in invoice.

5.3: Payments made by an individual’s bank transfer / credit card / debit card / cheque in to Ozg bank a/c or Payment Gateway are not entitled to get refund and it will not be mentioned in invoice.

5.4: To make a refund request, it is compulsory to fill-up online form available at Ozg website of respective country.

6. Copyright –

The intellectual property rights, copyright and company trade secrets of Ozg vested in all documentation (text/audio/video), dual-media contents, hard-copy or electronic manuals are vested in Ozg, which reserves the right to use the material, or any part of it in other services and for its own use or other clients.

7. Complain –

7.1: To make a complain regarding quality of service or against Ozgian, it’s advisable to lodge it online through Ozg website of respective country.

7.2: All complain will be addressed with in given time frame, which will be minimum 3 working days or maximum 90 working days.