There is no shortage of fundraising options for businesses, but selecting the optimal structure is challenging. Raising finance to fund expansion plans means examining a wide range of issues and answering a complex set of questions. Ozg Experts can enhance value by devising optimal debt syndication and equity capital programmes for corporations who seek value-enhancing solutions that complement their growth strategies.

Structured Finance & Debt Syndication:

Debt is a major contributor to the wealth of an investor. The subsidies of debt help a business to survive and grow. In various industries, infusion of debt only creates the rationale to do that business.

Ozg Experts are involved in advising business on the appropriate mode and structure of debt to be raised. We can be useful in capital Market transactions where the company is looking for the most suitable form of finance from the complex funding options.

We are experienced in organizing transactions involving:

·                    Equipment leasing/loan and Working capital finance

·                    Supplier and vendor finance (Bill Discounting).

·                    Short term financing

·                    Long Term Loans

·                    Project Finance

·                    Acquisition financing

·                    Cross border leasing

·                    Refinancing of assets

·                    Loan Against Property

We help in making clear analysis of the fund raising options available and provide an insight of the most efficient strategy to follow for long term benefit. We are also experienced in handling:

  1. Commercial Papers
  2. Non-convertible debenture issues
  3. Other exchange traded debentures

Distressed Debt / Reorganization:

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, under-performing companies and their management teams often require expert advise on how to effectively manage unwanted change and turn the business around. A thorough situational and financial analysis is the key to cost effective and timely results

Ozg Experts provides restructuring advisory services to companies and its stakeholders that is lenders, investors, etc. in under performing companies and companies experiencing liquidity problems, in all sectors and in all markets.

Ozg Experts supports you in managing work-out or turn-around processes and in allocating capital and investment — evaluating your business plans objectively. Drawing on our deep insights, Ozg devise strategies to address potential covenant breaches, negotiating with stakeholders and complying with insolvency and other requirements.

Ozg Experts can assist banks, financial institutions and investors in achieving accelerated and enhanced results through the rehabilitation or recovery of problem loans. We are very keen to work on sell side transactions involving One Time settlements (OTS), Financial Restructuring and securitization of loans.

Ozg offer Portfolio and Single Credit services for impaired accounts:

Portfolio services

  1. NPL Portfolio Valuation

  2. NPL Portfolio/Single Asset Buy and Sell Side Advisory

  3. Portfolio diagnosis

  4. Loan recovery strategies.

Private Equity:

Companies seek Private equity when they:

Are over leveraged: Sometimes, organizations have the potential to grow, but the leverage ratios turn unfriendly. We help such organizations raise Private Equity, and gain further access to debt to ensure a rational capital structure and its efficient management.

Looking to grow inorganically: Organizations need bigger capital to grow inorganically, we have the expertise to advise companies who are on an acquisition spree and also arrange capital to execute the takeover.

Need capital without involving outside operational managers: Some organizations are takeover friendly and are always looked at by competitors as their target. We can help such companies in acquiring private capital thus providing them a strong defence (in the form of a strong investor) against a possible takeover by the competitor and also facilitating independent operations as usual.

Ozg Experts advise on the timing, and strategy for infusing Private Equity.

Financial Risk Management:

Ozg Experts help in forming adequate risk models for financial transactions for corporate groups with the use of most modern tools of risk measurement like Value at Risk (VaR), we provide complete Asset Management Services and ensure an optimum level of risk measure to our clients.